Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hangovers, Hamhocks, and Holding Water like the Hoover Dam

I'm down another 1.4 lbs this week.

And this is a COMPLETE surprise.

I had been gaining steadily all week, starting with a binge on Indian food and raspberry mojitos last Saturday, from which I woke up Sunday morning with a throbbing headache and two feet the size of footballs.

Sodium + Alcohol = Water Retention

Which I thought would go away after a day or two of heavy hydration, but it didn't.

Every morning I woke up to another two pounds on the scale, and my feet at least a shoe size bigger. By Thursday morning, the only pair of shoes I could wear to work were a pair of Birkie knock-offs that had carried me through month nine of both pregnancies.

Finally, I got concerned enough that I consulted WebMD.

For the record, whoever came up with the concept of WebMD must HATE all hypochondriacs and wish for them to live a life of constant paranoia.

My husband, for example, has a habit of diagnosing himself on at least a bi-weekly basis with either a deadly virus or a rare form of cancer. Currently, he's convinced that he is the only person in North America secretly suffering from the Ebola virus.

Anyway, five minutes on WebMD had me thoroughly convinced I was dying of congestive heart failure. (Who knows?? Maybe I am and I just can't tell. Boz???)

"Oh, well," I thought, "I'll take an aspirin and sleep it off."

Now, any sane person retaining this much water would avoid ALL salt, sodium, MSG, etc. and pile on the water, right??

Well, not me.

I let the kids talk me into Dairy Queen (though I was smart enough to split a kid's meal with one of them). I let my husband cook Thai food for dinner (Hey, I'm no dummy, if he's willing, who am I to argue??). I even had bacon one morning. BACON, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!!


But, I kept walking. One hour. Every day.

And it worked. Again.

There must be something to this exercise stuff.

Today's numbers: 267.

I'm shooting for my 10% next week. 265.3

The plan: NO MORE BACON.

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